‘Painting Waves in Watercolour’

My latest youtube tutorial showing how to paint a simple seascape in Watercolour.

The demo takes you through the painting ‘step by step’, so stand by the pause button if you plan to paint along with me.

Just click on the link below to go straight to the video.


Happy Painting !

  1. Tony Green says:

    Stevo why didn’t you put this on your YouTube “ArtStevo” channel? It confused me completely. Have you stopped updating that channel and moved to another one as most of the stuff I can see on there is 5 years old?

    • artstevo says:

      Hi Tony, thanks for your comment.
      Late last year my accounts for skype, e-mail and facebook were compromised by a hacker, so I had no alternative than to migrate to my new youtube channel.
      Hope that explains the changes forced on me.
      Happy you found me anyway and please feel free to subscribe to that channel.
      Cheers for now
      ps thanks for watching

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