New Year, New Direction

Posted: 04/01/2017 in Abstract Painting, Uncategorized
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Over the Holidays, I have been drawn to abstract painting so have been doing lots of research about the techniques, tools and materials people use.

Unlike the ‘pure’ rules and dogma surrounding traditional watercolour painting, it seems that with Mixed Media painting has no such rules, and anything seems to go. So you can stick stuff on and use all manner of household stuff and cheap tools from DIY stores to get the effect you like, it’s all very liberating !

‘BACK FROM THE EDGE’ for instance was painted using Coffee Granules then spraying with water. The coffee gives an interesting texture to the painting and dries to a lovely glossy shine !


So these are my first couple of attempts at all things big bright and bold !

I plan on developing this blog as this journey unfolds, so keep checking back, these are small canvas’s using the materials (Gouache) that are at hand.


‘Back from the Edge’

abstract-3I realise that it is quite a departure from my usual style, but would love some feedback and opinions. It sure was great fun to do. I figure that if I don’t like the results, I can simply paint over it again, and it will just add another interesting layer to the canvas.

‘CONFUSION’ was created by building layers of texture, using drywall (scrim tape) then overpainting with gesso, then letting everything dry overnight, before attacking it with my brightest paints and a pallete knife.


Here were my canvas’s prepared and ready for colour


Now I can’t wait to paint them bigger !

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