Here’s a dilemma !

Whenever I teach, one of the most important things I stress is to ensure that the brush has just the right amount of moisture to enable it to suck up the paint into the bristles. This is called capillary action. If the brush is too dry it won’t suck up the paint, but if it’s too wet not only does it change the colour of the paint, by making it paler (due to the added water in the brush) but it can also result in ‘back runs’ also known as ‘cauliflowers’. You know the ugly hard edged marks drawing attention away from the painting.

image1186In the painting above you can see the dramatic use of back runs,

which I think add to the energy of the painting

Now I had always read that these marks were frowned upon in art circles, presumably as they show a certain lack of understanding and control.

I teach that to ensure the brush is just right you can either flick it behind you on the floor   (great for keeping observers back, but a little anti-social) or best just to wipe it on an old towel or kitchen roll.

I had also been lead to believe that the ‘cauliflowers’ cannot be removed, but they can with just a slightly moist brush working slowly along the hard edged mark.

Despite everything I have ever read on the subject, I have noticed especially recently, that some artists actually use this technique in their paintings, proving I guess that they seem to have mastered the technique to their advantage.

199778_103095999773206_100002184192843_27034_3074310_nIn this example the painting seems to be all about the cauliflowers !

So I guess, as with all things in art, and in life rules are meant to be broken !

Personally speaking I prefer not to see them in my paintings but you own comments and personal preferences would be appreciated.

Happy Painting ! (with or without vegetables)……


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