Is the journey more exciting than the arrival for an artist ?

Posted: 15/08/2014 in Uncategorized

Here’s one to ponder on and any comments would be appreciated.
A person came into the studio the other day, and after looking at my paintings said ‘they are all so different, you don’t seem to have your own style’ and I got to thinking that she was right. I wasn’t sure initially if it was meant as an insult or a compliment ? Yes I am influenced (and always have been) by other artists, and still are, people like Joseph Zhubik, Alvaro Castagnet and John Lovett – Artist and my original influences like Ron Ranson Watercolors John Blockley and Rowland Hilder.
But to me, as an art lover and painter I remain like a small child, like a sponge soaking up all around me. Many artists become one trick ponies, but surely the journey is more exciting than the arrival……

  1. Carole says:

    Of course you have your own style but your work is not styalised! (spelling?) perhaps that was what was meant. Anyway I studied in a way that promoted different styles and methods so see nothing lacking in your work. I love your paintings!

  2. Aisha Hamilton says:

    I think people sometimes open their mouths to be clever about art without a real understanding of what motivates the artist.. I used to own a gallery in Scotland and never commented negatively, preferring instead to ask the artist where his / her inspiration came from for a particular piece…. then no hurt feelings… I bet if you’d asked what exactly do you mean?? she would have run away…. lol. Your works are delightful and they reflect the life and joy you are feeling in Bg – I think…….

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